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Please note that the deadline for Round 9 of the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund will be January 31, 2001.

The Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF) Information and Application Package - Round 9

1. Invitation to Submit Proposals

  • The Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF) invites proposals for its ninth competition.

2. Application Form

  • The application form consists of two parts.

    • Part A contains the basic information for the proposal.

    • Part B addresses the vision, research excellence, capacity building nature and impact of the proposal. (Part B uses a ProGridÔ Assessment Matrix approach, similar to that employed in the applications to the Canada Foundation for Innovation -CFI)

  • Both parts must be completed.

  • Application templates for Parts A and B can be downloaded from this site, and must be used in preparing your submission.

3. Submission Deadline

  • Proposals for the Round 9 competition must be submitted no later than January 31, 2001..

4. An Open Letter from the Chair of the Board of the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund.

  • In order to facilitate the preparation of submissions to the ORDCF, the Chair of the ORDCF Board has written an open letter to all applicants.

  • Please read this letter before preparing your submission.

  • This document can also be obtained by fax or e-mail from the Secretariat.

5. Preparing the Submission

  • Use the template in preparing the submission. It is important to note that the form attached is a template. You are not restricted to the spaces indicated. Use page restrictions where indicated.

  • Strictly observe page or word restrictions where indicated.

  • Use plain English in describing the purpose of the proposal and its components. Avoid technical jargon.

  • Use 12-point font in preparing written material.

  • Avoid long, descriptive narrative and use bullet points or summary tables where appropriate.

  • Provide short forms of CVs only, highlighting the last five years (NSERC or NIH model). An individual CV should not be more than 5 pages in length. Please provide CVs for all key researchers who will be leading the project or who will be dedicating most of their time to the project; CVs are not required for individuals who will be associated with the project but whose time commitment is minimal.

  • It is important to state, in your application, exactly how the ORDCF funds would make a difference to your proposal, i.e., incrementality. What will ORDCF funding allow you to do that you could not do before? What will you not be able to do if you do not get ORDCF funding? Be specific. For example, "funding will allow us to hire 2 new faculty, 3 new PDFs, refurbish a lab and buy a new state-of-the-art system".

  • Answers to questions should remain within suggested length guidelines provided.

  • Number the pages in your application including appendices.

  • The electronic version of your submission should be prepared in WordPerfect 6.1 or in Word 7.0.

  • Letters of reference/support from private sector partners should be addressed to the applicant institution and appended to the submission.

  • The submission should identify a contact person. This contact person will work with the secretariat (fund officer) to ensure that all elements of the submission are complete. Where appropriate, there should be a single contact person per institution.

  • To ensure continuity, consistency and open communication between the applicant and the Fund, the ORDCF secretariat requests that during the review process any and all proposal-related discussions between the applicant and the Fund be coordinated by the proposal contact and fund officer.

6. Where to Send Applications

Three complete hard copies of the submission, as well as an electronic version (Word Perfect 6.1 or Microsoft Word 7.0) should be delivered by e-mail or on disk to:

Dr. Maurice Bitran, Manager
ORDCF Secretariat
Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology
56 Wellesley Street West, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2E7
Phone: 416-314-8209
Fax: 416-314-1287
Email: bitranma@est.gov.on.ca

Premier Mike Harris announced a $13.8 million project to facilitate new media research at the Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies.
Oct 2, 2000

A $108 million investment in medical imaging research could lead to earlier detection and better treatment of cancer and heart disease.
September 20, 2000

The Challenge Fund is investing more than $1.5 million in Brock University's new Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute.
-- April 14, 2000

The new Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo will receive $1.5 million to establish a Chair in the Management of Technology Enterprises.
-- April 10, 2000


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