What is the Economic Value of Social Media?


What is the Economic Value of Social Media?

The Final Cost of Social Media
What are the costs and benefits of using social media? On the one hand, there is the economic factor. Simply put, social media does not cost anything. This system of online communication relies on advertisers and investors to support the social media network. In this sense, the average consumer is allowed to use the social media network for free. This is true of both Continue Reading »

Impact of Use of Cell Phones on Human Life


These days, it is rather difficult to find anybody who does not own a cell phone. After all, cell phones have essentially come to replace traditional land line phones and this trend is only expected to continue as technology advances even further. However, it was not until relatively recently that scientists began looking explicitly at cell phones in terms on how they impact human life and ways of thinking.

For the most part, the ability of cell phones to keep us in touch with family, friends, Continue Reading »

Is space Technology necessary to Human Life?


Space technology may seem abstract, as travelling among the stars isn’t something most of us are likely to do in our lifetimes. But space technology is useful and necessary for many things that impact our daily lives. Here are three examples.

Long-Distance Phone Calls
Before the space program, long-distance communication was dependent upon miles of wires that could easily be disrupted by construction or accidents. Before NASA could send astronauts into space, they needed to know what space was like, so they launched satellites that could send signals back to Continue Reading »

What is Relationship between Science and Lifestyle Diseases?


Every year researchers in the field of science obtain funding so they can conduct clinical studies and tests. These tests help researchers as well as people in the medical field to find correlations between the way people live their lives and the diseases or illnesses they end up with. Not surprisingly, the connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer first came about by conducting many studies. The same type of research was used to link Continue Reading »

Nuclear Weapons: Is This the Science we want?


With each new advancement in science there is a shout of celebration. For it is with science that diseases have been discovered, inventions have been made and our world has become a better place. Or has it? That last statement is something one must questions when it come to the invention of Nuclear Weapons.

While Nuclear Weapons have provided some with a sense of security sciences invention also has the ability to destroy the world and Continue Reading »

The Role of Space Exploration in Human Life


Space exploration plays an important role in human life. It provides an infinite supply of knowledge and resources. Specific reasons why space exploration is imperative are listed below.

Contribution to Scientific Developments- the process of examining objects that cannot be seen by the human eye is a unique part of all scientific projects. The use of telescopes and other technology helps researchers to gain data about space.

Revelation about Scientific Facts about Earth- space exploration reveals facts about the position of earth in the solar system. Scientists have discovered valuable information about Mars including the possibility Continue Reading »

The Demerits of GMO Food Production


GMO food production is the practice of genetically modifying plants or animals by using the method of genetic engineering. . GMO soybeans are engineered with a virus or bacteria that is added to its own DNa, in order to withstand weedkillers.

There are many downsized to having GMO foods in our supply at such a large scale. GMO’s have not been tested to any satisfactory degree, the USDA does not currently test GMO’s for us. The side effects of eating Continue Reading »

How GMO Technology can Improve Food Production in World


Food prices have continued rising steadily over the years and this is not expected to change any time soon. Certain global events, such as high population growth, the booming economy, climate change and a change in diet patterns have pushed up the prices of food commodities in the globe. Therefore, the world must make use of all the available technologies to increase food production in the world. The GMO technology has proved to be quite effective in increasing yields and alleviating hunger. Continue Reading »

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